La Mia Musica – a new restaurant with live music nights and more – it has style to make you feel seductive , it’s comfortable enough to make you successful in business meetings and it will always have a surprise element in a way that will make you special. In a city so alertsuch as Bucharest , in which „the new” and „the different” are the describing words, „La Mia Musica” fits perfectly, due to its exquisite taste & sound. It’s an elegant and generous place, in which you can choose between jazz evenings, cafe concerts, blues or rock, stand-up comedy or magic shows … often seasoned with live concerts, carefully selected for the most exigent costumers.

And the Chef , VASILE PENU, is delighted to offer taste to your time spent here!

Good food, art events, unplugged concerts for a „bon appetit”- La Mia Musica, since 16th of December, area of the new bridge , Splaiul Independentei 290. Tel 0732007801